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Aurel & Beti

Seattle, WA :: I'm starting to get the sneaking suspicion that Microsoft people are just a little bit different then everyone else. Actually, that could be said about those that choose to marry a Microsoft person as well, I guess too... and as you can see, Aurel & Beti do  

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Eric & Ami

Bremerton, WA :: From the moment we arrived to do Eric & Ami's engagement pictures, we were having a blast. You might think it's always like that for us (because we're so easy going and fun to be around), but usually there is a bit of a time that is  

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Douglas & Courtney

Milton-Freewater, OR :: It was a hot one, no doubt about it. Even us seasoned veterans were making an effort to keep to the shaded areas - which, thanks to a few huge trees around the property - kept the sun from vaporizing us. It was impressive to see Douglas  

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Andrew & Alex

Seattle, WA :: It's funny how effortlessly we became instant friends with Andrew & Alex. After meeting them earlier in the year to chat about plans and their unique wedding day(s), we were already looking forward to getting together with them again... even if it was [technically] our job. It's  

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