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Elroy & Naomi

Mill Creek, WA :: We really love working with couples that we've had the chance to work with before (and no, I don't mean at their last wedding either)... No, I mean we've got a real connection now with this group of friends that have sort of adopted us into  

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Steven & Lauren

Salem, OR :: For several days prior to the wedding, we'd been watching the weather online and refreshing the webpage seeing if maybe it might change from rain showers to sunshine if we did it enough... but no... when the day arrived, nothing had changed and we braced ourselves for  

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David & Elisha

Spokane, WA :: I think we were already expecting great things on our way to Spokane to meet up with David & Nikki. First of all, they had to work around a military deployment - which makes planning a wedding almost impossible - and because of that, they just  

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Bradley & Rachel

Seattle, WA :: April is such a great time of year. The days are lasting longer and the sun is actually winning the battle for the skies over the city (ok... sometimes anyway...) and we're finally warming up the ol' cameras and getting out in the world and photographing people  

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