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Jarvis & Casey

Buckley, WA :: When we arrive to any location, our eyes suddenly go to spots for photos. And...when we got to The Hidden Farm, we were super excited and couldn't stop pinpointing all the amazing spots we could use! Stephen and I always encourage the couple to do  

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Justin & Savannah

Tacoma, WA :: Justin & Savannah (and Izzy) met up with us at the lovely pagoda in Point Defiance park. From the moment we saw them, we knew we were going to have a great time taking pictures with them. They were all smiles and laughs, making us feel like  

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Naveed & Heather


Olympia, WA :: Heather contacted us awhile back (while she and Naveed were still living in Dubai), hoping to have us photograph their wedding when they were back in Olympia over the holidays to visit family. Life got crazy with COVID changing everything and travel became increasingly difficult for all  

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Andrew & Kacie

Kaufman, TX :: It was exciting for us to get out and travel a bit this year. Covid-19 has kept us out of the picture (business) for most of the Summer, and getting on a plane felt like life might be returning again. Even more exciting, was the opportunity to  

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