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Hello, I'm Stephen. Photographer, Designer, Author, and Webmaster for "About the Day". Together, my wife Sonia and I make up the complete company.

Most of the posts you see on our site, along with the photography, is a collaboration between the two of us, but these are the posts I've written or finalized.

To discover more about both of us, check out our About Us page.

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2019 Europe Trip

Ljubljana, Slovenia :: I never think of our trips as grandiose or extravagant. If anything, I think we both take a certain amount of pride out of how much we get for how little we spend. When we tell people what our trip actually cost, they're often amazed by our  

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Jacob & Raquel

Medford, OR :: We really love our jobs, but when we heard there was going to be food trucks at Jacob & Raquel's wedding, I think we loved our jobs even more! What a great idea for wedding food, right? And not just any food trucks either... Mexican and Peruvian  

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Steven & Lauren

Salem, OR :: For several days prior to the wedding, we'd been watching the weather online and refreshing the webpage seeing if maybe it might change from rain showers to sunshine if we did it enough... but no... when the day arrived, nothing had changed and we braced ourselves for  

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Bradley & Rachel

Seattle, WA :: April is such a great time of year. The days are lasting longer and the sun is actually winning the battle for the skies over the city (ok... sometimes anyway...) and we're finally warming up the ol' cameras and getting out in the world and photographing people  

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