Medford, OR :: We really love our jobs, but when we heard there was going to be food trucks at Jacob & Raquel’s wedding, I think we loved our jobs even more! What a great idea for wedding food, right? And not just any food trucks either… Mexican and Peruvian food trucks! (Oh Yeah!) We were already looking forward to what we were told was going to be a “fun” and “relaxed” wedding where food and dancing were a huge part of the planning, so of course we were excited.

We weren’t disappointed either. Jacob & Raquel were a riot! Dancing their way down the isle, cracking jokes, giggling, and laughing hysterically during their toasts (more like a “roast”), and having wedding cake up their noses… What a day!

Raquel's purple wedding shoes Jacob finishes getting readyRaquel has final touches to her hair\ The back of Raquel's wedding dress Elroy and Naomi during their first look Raquel sneeks up behind Jacob for their first look Jacob & Raquel's first look at Wisteria Gardens in Medford, Oregon Jacob & Raquel laugh while beeing watchedJacob & Raquel at Wisteria Gardens Jacob gives Raquel a kiss at Wisteria Gardens Raquel's wedding dress at Wisteria GardensRaquel's wedding flowers at Wisteria Gardens Raquel looks amazing at Wisteria GardensRaquel's wedding dress from behind at Wisteria Gardens A perfect moment with Jacob & Raquel at Wisteria Gardens in Medford, Oregon Jacob & Raquel pose it up at Wisteria Gardens in Medford, Oregon Raquel looks over Jacobs shoulder at Wisteria Gardens Jacob & Raquel with their wedding party Jacob with his groomsmen Raquel with her bridesmaids Raquel with her family Raquel with her father Jacob with his father and brother EJacob gives his mom a kiss on the cheek Raquel dances down the isle with her parents Jacob catches Raquel with style during ceremony Jacob & Raquel during the wedding ceremony Jacob & Raquel recite vows during the wedding ceremony Jacob & Raquel reading thanks during the wedding ceremony Jacob & Raquel run out of the wedding ceremony Breaking bread at Jacob & Raquel's wedding ceremony at Wisteria Gardens Wedding food trucks at Wisteria Gardens Eating from food trucks at Wisteria GardensThe best cheeses at Wisteria Gardens Jacob & Raquel's wedding cakes Jacob & Raquel's dessert bar Jacob & Raquel's rings with special purple M&Ms Maid of Honor gives her speach Jacob & Raquel during the toasts The best man gives a great toastJacob & Raquel have a good laugh during the toasts Jacob & Raquel are thrown in the air in their chairs Jacobs father is thrown high in his chair Jacob & Raquel's first dance at Wisteria GardensJacob & Raquel get wild during their first dance Jacob & Raquel cut the wedding cake Jacob smashes Raquel with the wedding cake Jacob showinb his moves Jacob & Raquel dancing together Raquel dancing with her grandfather Jacob & Raquel's evening setup at Wisteria Gardens Everyone having a good time at Wisteria Gardens

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