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Michael & Devon

Olympia, WA :: Honestly, as much as we like to travel, it's really nice to be at a wedding right here in our own hometown! The only downside is that Washington's beauty comes at a very high price, paid in raindrops. Still those of us who know what to expect,  

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Brenden & Stevie

Prosser, WA :: I love the dry and arid heat, and there's plenty of it in Eastern Washington during the summer, and although some couples would sit and hide in an air-conditioned room awaiting nightfall, Brenden and Stevi hardly noticed... If anything, it just made them shine a bit more  

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Brent & Noel

Cass Lake, MN :: It's hard to imagine a place more beautiful then this private residence in upstate Minnesota. A lake like glass, a deep blue sky, and a log cabin in the forest that rivals any palace, and the nicest people you'll ever meet. I don't know how it  

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Ryan & Christa

Snohomish, WA :: Hidden Meadows is a lovely location for a full day of wedding festivities, although on a hot and sunny day there are only a few places where the trees have filled in enough for some shade. That can have a lot of influence on our own preferences  

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