Mill Creek, WA :: We really love working with couples that we’ve had the chance to work with before (and no, I don’t mean at their last wedding either)… No, I mean we’ve got a real connection now with this group of friends that have sort of adopted us into their fold, and we’re excited to see all of them again while they celebrated Elroy and Naomi’s wedding.

Elroy and Naomi also decided to do a first meeting before the ceremony – which couldn’t have been a better decision to cover their time well, because as soon as our scheduled first meeting and group photos were done, the famous Washington rain started pouring down… and we didn’t have to worry about it!

Naomi taps Elroy on the shoulder during their first look Elroy sees Naomi for the first time in her dress Elroy and Naomi snuggle outside the North Creek Presbyterian Church Bride and Groom during their first look Elroy and Naomi during their first look Naomi kisses Elroy while pulling him closer Elroy looks back at Naomi over his shoulder Bride and Groom look on at Mill Creek Bride and Groom kiss at North Creek Presbyterian Church Bride and Groom pose outside at North Creek Presbyterian Church Naomi and Elroy outside at North Creek Presbyterian ChurchNaomi and Elroy look back over their shoulders Elroy poses for his picture Naomi looks amazing in her portrait Elroy poses with his groomsmen Naomi poses with her bridesmaids Naomi has a flower up with her bridesmaids Elroy and Naomi walk with their wedding party Elroy and Naomi with his parents Elroy and Naomi with her parents Naomi with her brothers and sisters Pick a seat at Elroy and Naomi's wedding ceremony Naomi walks down the isle with her father Elroy says his vows Naomi says her vows Elroy and Naomi during the wedding ceremony at North Creek Presbyterian Church Bride and Groom exit the wedding ceremony Elroy and Naomi's wedding cake A toast to Elroy and Naomi Naomi smiles during the shoe gameElroy makes a guess during the shoe game Elroy and Naomi cut their wedding cakeElroy and Naomi's wedding cake with a cut A Mr and Mrs with a kiss About The Day in 3 wedding photo Elroy and Naomi exit the wedding with bubbles at North Creek Presbyterian Church Elroy and Naomi leave the wedding in their car

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