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Jeffrey & Kristin

Edgemont, AR :: Fall is my favorite time of year, and although every season has it's unique wonders, fall certainly embodies romance. The falling leaves, the chill in the evenings, and the weddings... Especially the weddings! Over the past few years, we've met more October Brides' then June ones...


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Jeffrey & Angela

Islamorada, FL :: Jeff & Angela were celebrating their 10th anniversary and, due to some unfortunate wedding planning back then, they decided to skimp on their wedding photographer and go with someone cheap. (This happens all too often!) They explained, "they were willing to pay us for this shoot because  

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Jason & Teija

Woodenville, WA :: Often, it's easy to mingle and relate well with a couple (being a couple ourselves), but sometimes it's easier then easy... like effortless, or¬†instinctive... That's how it was with Jason & Teija! We had so much fun with this couple while we were doing the photos, and  

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Cy & Lavada

New Orleans, LA :: Cy & Lavada's dream wedding was almost destroyed by Hurricane Isaac and it's rampage through New Orleans just a couple days prior to the wedding day! It was really sad to see how much damage was done as we drove into the city, and you could  

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