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Kamloops, BC, Canada :: I absolutely loved this session!  It's amazing to see how much this little guy has grown since the last photo shoot.  When mom asked me to do another shoot with this handsome guy, I was excited about it.  I wanted to do something different this time and  

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Eastern Europe

Istanbul, Turkey (Türkiye) :: A vacation was definitely needed after our long and busy summer; not just for the break, but for inspiration as well. We did a lot of traveling for weddings already this year, and although we were feeling a little homesick after so many days away, it's  

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Olympia, WA :: Brittany called us and asked if we would help her with a themed video game shoot for a "Girls of Geek" calendar submission in the fall. Just talking to her on the phone and getting a sense of her witty personality and easy-going attitude,  

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Chad & Jessica

Riverside, CA :: We first met Chad & Jessica when we did their engagement shoot earlier in the summer over in Newport Beach, so it was exiciting to see them again and start our day without having to do any introductions! We were already friends!

Their day started off  

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