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Michael & Devon

Olympia, WA :: It's actually an unusual treat to be taking photos in our own hometown of Olympia. Even more-so when it's simply a splendid and gorgeous day, and we have the opportunity to work with such a great couple too. (Win, win, win!)

Michael & Devon sort of amp'ed  

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Scott & Bobbi

Wintergreen, VA :: No two weddings are ever the same, but that doesn't exclude a lot of similarities either. However, more often then you might expect, the "rules" are thrown out the window and people follow their hearts down whatever path they feel led. As you can see, that was  

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Evan & Sierra

Colorado Springs, CO :: Working during a snow blizzard is not exactly normal for us! We're not adapted to the cold, and I kept reminding myself not to complain about it either... You see, the thing is, "no matter how cold we got, we know that the couples we work  

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Danny & Joycelyn

Coronado, CA :: If we had to choose our favorite place in the whole world, it's quite possible it would be Coronado Island in San Diego. It has everything going for it; weather, location, views, and even a dog beach! Perfect, right? Danny & Joycelyn seemed to agree with us,  

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