Yreka, CA :: The sunny days are growing shorter this time of year and you can certainly feel that fall is right around the corner, but it’s also what I consider probably the best times of the year for a wedding. For one thing, the cooling breezes and moderate temperatures help keep the bride and groom from melting on a particularly bright and clear day. The same can be said about the weddings guests as well.

We were a bit surprised by the lightning fast ceremony, which might have set a new speed record (and if there weren’t two of us, I don’t know if we’d have been able to even get from one side of the ceremony to the other before it was over), but that left more time for fun and festivities… and fun, right? :)

Groom and his groomsmen pose for a portrait Groom poses for a portraitBride poses for a portrait Bride and her bridesmaids pose for a portrait Bride with fishnet veil Falther walks Bride down the isle Country wedding ceremony in Yreka, California Wide view of country wedding ceremony in Yreka, California Bride and Groom exit wedding ceremony The full wedding party photo Bride and Groom stand back to back in the sun Bride and Groom kiss in the sunset Bride leans against the Grooms back Bride and Groom pose in the fading lightBride and Groom with sunflowers and a white fence Bride and Groom cut the cake as the sun sets Bride and Groom kiss in the golden light of fading sun Bride and Groom stand with view of Mt.ShastaBride and Groom walk off into the sunset

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