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Chad & Jessica

Dana Point, CA :: I totally love the southern California coastline. No matter where I go in the world, it seems that nothing ever feels more like a practical paradise to me then when I'm back in the warm sun and smelling the salt air as it blows in off  

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Spread The Word

On average, about half the weddings we do every year are referrals from previous couples we've had the pleasure of working for. Their kind words about us have more power to promote us then anything we can say or do (or even show), and it certainly lends an extra level  

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Gary & Shirley

Riverside, CA :: Gary & Shirley's wedding and reception took place at Shirley's parents property on a perfectly clear, bright sunny southern Californian day. The whole family had been working on the property for months to get everything ready, and so much love was put into all the details at  

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Gary & Shirley

Newport Beach, CA :: Newport beach is definitely one of the nicest areas for a portrait shoot we've been. What isn't perfect about the southern California coastline!? When Gary & Shirley showed us their idea for the location, we were blown away by all the photo possibilities that were just endless!


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