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2019 Europe Trip

Ljubljana, Slovenia :: I never think of our trips as grandiose or extravagant. If anything, I think we both take a certain amount of pride out of how much we get for how little we spend. When we tell people what our trip actually cost, they're often amazed by our  

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Craig & Victoria

Snohomish, WA :: We were looking forward to this day since we first had the chance to hang out with Craig & Tori when we shot their engagement pictures last year. It's amazing how fast time flies and we both couldn't help laughing, thinking back and saying "it's still  

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Connor & HannahShae

Bend, OR :: We're always excited to visit a new wedding location and Smith Rock State Park looked amazing from what we saw online... but it's hard to really do natural beauty justice on a little computer screen (or worse - phone screen).

The weather wasn't what anyone expected -  

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Jacob & Raquel

Medford, OR :: We really love our jobs, but when we heard there was going to be food trucks at Jacob & Raquel's wedding, I think we loved our jobs even more! What a great idea for wedding food, right? And not just any food trucks either... Mexican and Peruvian  

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