Kaufman, TX :: It was exciting for us to get out and travel a bit this year. Covid-19 has kept us out of the picture (business) for most of the Summer, and getting on a plane felt like life might be returning again. Even more exciting, was the opportunity to work with Kacie (after capturing her sister Breanna & Josh’s wedding back in 2013)… and Breanna also officiated the ceremony! Seeing familiar faces again was a real treat!

The day was rather hot, and breathing through a mask easily added 10 more degrees… but safety first! :) ** What you can’t see here is that we’ve photoshopped out all the masks in the group photos! See what you think!?

Kacie's wedding dress hangs in The Emerson Chapel Bridesmaid helps Bride put on her wedding shoes Andrew and his groomsmen outside the The Emerson guesthouse Bride puts on her ear rings at The EmersonFather and Bride enter The Emerson Chapel Andrew sees Kacie coming down the isle at The Emerson Chapel Andrew says vows to his new daughter Kacie's wedding vowsKacie's says her vows to Andrew Bride and Groom kiss outside The Emerson Chapel Andrew & Kacie and their full wedding party in The Emerson Chapel Kacie and her bridesmaids Bride and Groom with her family Bride and her fathers family Bride and her family Andrew and his family Kacie with her daughter in The Emerson ChapelBride and her lovely dress in the Emerson Chapel Bride and Groom sit in The Emerson Chapel Bride and Groom in The Emerson ChapelAndrew & Kacie in The Emerson Chapel Wedding table settings at The Emerson Bride and Groom's first dance at The Emerson Andrew & Kacie's first dance at The EmersonKacie dances with her father Bride and Groom eat clams at The Emerson Bride and Groom's sunset portrait at The EmersonAndrew & Kacie's sunset portraits at The Emerson Bride and Groom's pose at sunset at The Emerson Bride sits in the rope swing at The Emerson Flowergirls pet the horses at The Emerson Bride and Groom's pose during sunset at The Emerson The wedding ring in the wedding flowers Bride and Groom's cut their wedding cake at The Emerson Bride and Groom's dance late into the night at The Emerson Bride and Groom's sparkler exit from The Emerson

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