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Hello, I'm Stephen. Photographer, Designer, Author, and Webmaster for "About the Day". Together, my wife Sonia and I make up the complete company.

Most of the posts you see on our site, along with the photography, is a collaboration between the two of us, but these are the posts I've written or finalized.

To discover more about both of us, check out our About Us page.

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Ryan & Christa

Snohomish, WA :: Hidden Meadows is a lovely location for a full day of wedding festivities, although on a hot and sunny day there are only a few places where the trees have filled in enough for some shade. That can have a lot of influence on our own preferences  

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Nicholas & Mackenzie

Issaquah, WA :: Just because it's finally summer now, doesn't mean the weather will conform to anyones expectations. In Washington just expect the unexpected. We considered ourselves lucky that the day was muggy and overcast instead of the alternative rain, wind, or blinding sunlight. I suppose it depends on who  

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Stephen & Rudi

Vancouver, WA :: The best way (in my opinion) for the Bride and Groom to see each other is with a pre-arranged first glance. There's so much more a photographer can capture without the limits of reverence and ceremony, and the reveal isn't blurred for either on of them by  

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Joshua & Katie

University Place, WA :: I think I already knew our day was going to be spectacular when we arrived on the grounds of the Environmental Services Building. The panorama of sky and water from the lawn is breathtaking, and the weather decided to give us a break and play nice!


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