Lake Oconee, GA :: The last day of September could easily be the most beautiful day of the year. The fall colors are showing, but the weather still holds on to the remains of Summer and the mix is pure perfection. It’s a romantic time for a wedding too, and Keith & Erica’s choice of a beautiful lake-house property to share with family and friends inspired us, making our day with them look and feel like a magazine cover at every instance! (Admittedly, it helped having such a great looking couple to complete the magic and make us look good in the process! :) …and then, if that wasn’t good enough, like September needed to impress everyone one last time, the evening sunset treated us all to a staggering display to end the day and say good-bye to us all.

Bride having her makeup put onBrides dress hangs in window Best man helps his brother with his tie The Grooms son holds out his ringBride comes up behind Groom for first look Keith and Erica pose in field at Lake Oconee Bride and Groom pose in field at Lake Oconee Bride and Groom in a field at Lake OconeeBride and Groom cuddle at Lake Oconee Bride and Groom stand at the edge of Lake Oconee Erica kisses Keith at Lake Oconee Keith and Erica cuddle at Lake Oconee Bride and Groom give us the wedding fingerKeith looks great in his wedding suit Keith and Erica's wedding party Erica looks amazing in her wedding dress Erica's wedding dress and flowersThe Bride looks stunning in her wedding dress and flowers The entire wedding party goes for a walk Keith and Erica kiss with wedding party in background Erica and her Bridesmaids Keith and his Groomsmen Groom and his Groomsmen have scary socks Erica tries to pull Keith away from his Groomsmen Keith and his son Erica and her family Keith and his family The flower girls walk down the isleThe ring bearer's sign says Here comes the Bride Keith looks on as Erica comes down the isle Erica's father walks her down the isle Wedding ceremony along Lake Oconee Groom's sister and mother show several emotions Erica and Keith say vows Bride smiles as Groom says vowsKeith and Erica say vows Keith and Erica kiss during wedding ceremonyKeith and Erica exit wedding ceremony Bride and Groom whoop it up on ceremony exit Bride and Groom with ring bearer and flower girls Bride and Groom stand along the lakeside Wedding cake topper says happily ever after Mr and Mrs seats at the wedding feast Mr and Mrs plates and forks Keith and Erica make reception entrance Keith and Erica share first danceKeith hands wrapped around Erica during first dance Bride and Groom share first dance Bride dances with her father Groom dances with his mother Keith and Erica pose for a toast Bride and Groom on their boat Bride and Groom snuggle along lake Oconee during sunset Keith and Erica stand on the dock of Lake Oconee at sundown Bride and Groom kiss along with their parents during sunset Bride and Groom sit beside Lake Oconee during glorious sunset The wedding party and lake house under amazing sunset Keith and Erica cut the wedding cake Bride and Groom under glowing lights during last dance

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