We strongly believe in giving. It is a core part of our who we are, how we operate our business, and where we feel we can make a difference for the better. We’re not trying to change the world or convert anyone… We have just come to realize that it is a blessing for us to have the ability to give back, and we are grateful and thankful for it!

To show our belief in action, we always make the following options available to anyone who hires us… And keep in mind, there is no downside here. See for yourself!

Donate or Discount

It’s up to you, but with every photography package we offer, we will either give you a discount, or donate that same amount (in your name) to any of the charities we mention below. Even better, we will match that donation out of our own pocket as well.

Help support the ASPCA

We Love Animals

Our own fur-baby [Tater] is a rescue, so we take animal advocacy and education very seriously. It’s hard to imagine how the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) could even be necessary, yet they are vital, overworked, underfunded, and is entirely dependent on the funding of charitable people who care about the treatment of animals.

We support Wounded Warriors Project

Honor Our Heros

The Wounded Warrior Project is a great way to say “thank you” to our soldiers – men and women alike – for all they have done in service to our country? Regardless of race, religion, status or claim, they have suffered for us, sacrificed for us, and protected us when we needed them. With programs like WWP, we can show our unconditional honor and respect in return.

We Sponsor ChildFund International

Those in Need

I know, it’s overwhelming to see all the problems in the world that never seem to end. It has the effect of making us turn away in hopelessness and giving up on ever changing things… but remember, you may not fix the world… but you can easily help someone! ChildFund does a great job at making small changes that really matter to someone!

Last year we gave over 10% of our income to charity.

Why Give? You could call it Karma, the Golden Rule, you might even think we’re being self-important, but that’s not how we feel at all. It is not some lofty liberal idealism, nor is it guilt for being… (whatever). We don’t believe in a world that would force shared responsibility on everyone, and we wouldn’t want that anyway! That would defeat the entire point of giving.

Happiness to give comes from doing it willingly and without expectation; knowing that it was never ours to give in the first place. Those who think getting more money will make them happy or save them, are the most unhappy and scared people I know. Whether they admit it or not, they should realize that they are only one breath from having it all disappear. No one knows what tomorrow holds, nor do they control the future. Money defines them, controls them, and enslaves them to no end.

We appreciate the opportunity to work and serve others. It’s not always easy, and there is never enough to fix all the problems out there either. Still, doing our part with what we are given is all anyone can ask. I hope you feel the same way… But if not, you can still benefit from our services, and we hope you do?

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