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Rufino & KC


Pasco, WA :: Welcome to Pasco, a city that is normally considered squarely located in the "dry side" of Washington state! However, this was a special day, and Rufino and KC's wedding just happened to be part of one of those 'special' wet days! Not to worry... Rain is a  

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Scott & Bobbi

Wintergreen, VA :: No two weddings are ever the same, but that doesn't exclude a lot of similarities either. However, more often then you might expect, the "rules" are thrown out the window and people follow their hearts down whatever path they feel led. As you can see, that was  

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Evan & Sierra

Colorado Springs, CO :: Working during a snow blizzard is not exactly normal for us! We're not adapted to the cold, and I kept reminding myself not to complain about it either... You see, the thing is, "no matter how cold we got, we know that the couples we work  

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Chris & Katie

Eau Claire, WI :: We've traveled many places from the far north to the deep south, and we've endured all sorts of weather and extreme temperatures photographing weddings in those places; heat and humidity, ice and snow, wind and rain... but I can honestly say that I've never been more  

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