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Hello, I'm Stephen. Photographer, Designer, Author, and Webmaster for "About the Day". Together, my wife Sonia and I make up the complete company.

Most of the posts you see on our site, along with the photography, is a collaboration between the two of us, but these are the posts I've written or finalized.

To discover more about both of us, check out our About Us page.

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Theme :: Marilyn Monroe

Olympia, WA :: We met Morgan at a wedding last year in Seattle and couldn't ignore her subtitle, yet uncanny resemblance to Marilyn Monroe. She said she'd heard comment's like that before, but never really considered it to be much more then a passing compliment or 'line' (if it was  

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Giving Back

We strongly believe in giving. It is a core part of our who we are, how we operate our business, and where we feel we can make a difference for the better. We're not trying to change the world or convert anyone... We have just come to realize that it  

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Rob & Nikki

Richland, WA :: The morning of the wedding was rainy, almost snowing, and while we were driving into town I was a bit concerned that it might 'dampen' the mood. I try not to worry because I am not in control of the weather and I can't be apologetic about  

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