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Hello, I'm Sonia... Stephen's wife, Photographer, Author, and Social-Media Manager for "About the Day", and 1/2 of our complete company! Most of the posts you see on our site, along with the photography, is a collaboration between the two of us, but these are the posts I've written or finalized. To discover more about both of us, check out our About Us page.

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Azalea, OR :: Haleigh had asked us to shoot her Senior portraits the next time we were going to be around Oregon. So, after some final details, we worked out the dates and planned on visiting family in Oregon. It also worked out perfectly that Stephen's sister and  

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Stefan & Virginia

Goshen, VA :: Here are a few of our favorites from this past weekend in beautiful Vermont. From the moment we arrived at the Blueberry Hill Inn, we knew we were going to have a tremendously gorgeous setting for a wedding. Their ceremony took place in a meadow  

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Jesse & Brooke

Spar City, CO :: Jesse & Brooke's wedding was such a beautiful location for a rustic country wedding, but don't try looking up "Spar City" on your map... because it's nothing but a high mountain meadow. It's practically impossible to find a map and took an hour on a dirt  

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Greg & Jody

Olalla, WA :: Today was such an amazing day that we couldn't even begin to describe. The vibrant wedding colors next to the water was so breathtaking, and then you have such a lovely couple that when they look into each other's eyes, you can see the affection and  

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