Bend, OR :: We’re always excited to visit a new wedding location and Smith Rock State Park looked amazing from what we saw online… but it’s hard to really do natural beauty justice on a little computer screen (or worse – phone screen).

The weather wasn’t what anyone expected – with the forecast calling for heat, and instead we ended up with hail during the ceremony – but still, with the cloud cover and variations in colors, I couldn’t have asked for a better day to shoot their amazing wedding. It all ended up just making a perfect day.

HannahShae's wedding dress HannahShae's wedding shoes and jewelry HannahShae has her makeup applied Connor's dad helps with his tie HannahShae's bro-mates need help with their ties HannahShae's family before the wedding HannahShae's little brother HannahShae's mother and sister HannahShae's father sees her in her dress HannahShae with her wedding veil HannahShae's flowersConnor poses at Smith Rock Connor and his groomsmen at Smith Rock HannahShae walks down the isle at Smith RockConnor sees HannahShae coming down the isle HannahShae and her father coming down the isle Connor and HannahShae recite their vows HannahShae looks on as Connor says his vows Wedding prayer HannahShae and Connor kiss during ceremony at Smith Rock Bride and Groom exit wedding ceremony at Smith Rock HannahShae & Connor and their wedding party at Smith Rock HannahShae sits on a purple couch at Smith Rock Wedding Party Selfie at Smith RockHannahShae & Connor with a purple couch at Smith Rock Connor & HannahShae kiss while wind takes her veil at Smith Rock Connor & HannahShae at Smith Rock Connor & HannahShae with their family at Smith Rock Connor & HannahShae on a ledge at Smith Rock Connor & HannahShae with dramatic sunset at Smith Rock Connor & HannahShae walking away at Smith RockConnor & HannahShae cut their wedding cake Cutting the wedding cake Connor & HannahShae eating wedding cake Connor & HannahShae with his family Connor & HannahShae with her family Connor & HannahShae with their parents Connor & HannahShae's first dance

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