Bellevue, WA :: Rain is inevitable in Washington. Still I believe we’ve been blessed to have avoided most of it during our work here in this state. Granted, February isn’t really wedding season here for that specific reason. In the past there have been many photography challenges we’ve struggled with, but in the end any weather has it’s up’s and down’s and you always have to look for the advantage of showcasing that in the photos… and – reluctantly I might add – I still have to believe that. (Although if we ever get rained on like this again, it will be too soon!)

Madelyn & Will didn’t mind the rain (and even prayed for a little of it), and ultimately that’s what made this shoot possible. I know Stephen & I would have easily agreed to reschedule and wait for fairer days, but instead we powered out into the storm and got some great and rather unique photos because of it. So put on a kettle and grab your snuggy… and check these out!

Update: We have their wedding photos!

Will & Madelyn cross a rainy street in Bellevue, WA Will & Madelyn kissing at Bellevue Square Will & Madelyn on a crowded sky bridge in Bellevue, WA Will & Madelyn staning on the Bellevue Square Sky Bridge Will & Madelyn pose on the Bellevue Square Sky Bridge Will & Madelyn pose on the Bellevue Square sky bridge walkWill & Madelyn with a brick background in Bellevue Will & Madelyn sit on the stairs inside Bellevue Square Will & Madelyn on the rainy street near Bellevue Square, WA Will & Madelyn cuddle online the rainy street in Bellevue Great closeup of Will & Madelyn in the rain in Bellevue Will & Madelyn look over their sholders on the streetWill & Madelyn hold back the rain with their umbrella Will & Madelyn in the Belleview park with city background Will holds up Madelyn with a rainy Bellview in the background Will & Madelyn kiss while walking in the rain at Bellevue park Will & Madelyn cuddle in the rain Will & Madelyn near the brick powerhouse It looks like Will & Madelyn will be blown into Lake Washington Will & Madelyn cuddle on the dock during darkening and stormy skies Will & Madelyn through a concrete and tile wallThe Christmas lights at Belleview Saure illuminate Will & Madelyn Will & Madelyn brave the obvious downpour with Christmas lights at Bellevue Square

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