Okay, I know what you’re thinking! You’re feeling wary about this being a little too good to be true… But seriously, we’re not joking around about this at all! Our travel is always included in our package prices.

Yes, I realize at first people are going to be skeptical about this statement. In reality, I’m sure we’ve lost more then a few weddings because people just can’t bring themselves to believe it. I’ve had several couples tell us that they really loved our work, but they just didn’t want to worry and or be afraid that we might not show up! Even more so, (and I emphasize this point a lot), turning us away simply because of a fear that we might not show up doesn’t make you safe at that point – does it? You will still need to hire someone, and will they be 100% safe or worry-free? We know of countless weddings where the local vendor got lost or was late, or never showed at all.

The best way to look at this offer is to understand our motivation and our benefit for doing this! Let me break it down for those of you who are feeling worried and if you can see our reasoning – you’ll see how it works – and how it can benefit you!

  • Love :: We love to travel

    That alone might have been enough of a reason for us to do this in the beginning, and I think it probably was to some degree too. It certainly does give us the opportunity to see the world and experience new places. And although it’s not always Paris and Rome, it’s totally okay with us. (Just look through our Online Gallery and you can see all the wonderful places we’ve been so far.) Incorporating travel into our prices gives us this ability, and we love it!

  • Full-time :: We stay busy

    This is a better reason to travel. Living in Washington and trying to work only our home area would be impossible. It rains 6 months a year here, and winter and spring weddings in the Northwest are almost unheard of. When we realized that we would need to concentrate all our energy on weddings (and not do this part-time while working other jobs), we concluded that it really is “All, or Nothing!” (World-class photographers don’t dabble on weekends! They stay busy, stay current, keep growing and improving, and stay focused on what they do.)

  • Good Business :: Honor Before Money

    There have been a few times when we actually lost money because of our travel, but we understand that it’s a “cost of doing business“. Just as it is with advertising or investing, a good business must be willing to risk something in order to make returns… and those cases where we didn’t make money usually ended up benefitting us later on with referrals and good reviews. (See Feel the Love) Besides, our job has other rewards that aren’t based on money. We love what we do, and that is worth some financial setbacks from time to time! (Truly, if it were only about money, we wouldn’t do this job!)

  • Local Has Limits

    Local is all the rage now… and that’s great for meat and tomatoes and anything you want that’s right nearby, but what if you want Pineapple in New York or Lobster in Vegas? Finding something local is nice… if you can find it at all, but not everything we want is just around the corner.¹ Initially we were surprised at how often couples would choose us because they didn’t have any quality options nearby. (And although that wasn’t entirely flattering to hear, it reminded us that not everyone has access to good wedding photography, and being available is a huge part of getting hired.) These days, most couples tell us that “when given the limited choices of what they have around them, we were the silver lining they’d been hoping to find.”

    ¹ (If ‘Local’ or ‘Green’ is important to you, remember – we are ‘carbon-neutral’ and travel that way.)

We know you have many choices available to you, but do some checking around, check up on us, look over our information, call us… do whatever it takes to ease your mind. Just consider what we’ve said and why we make this available to you. We want to be your photographers!

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