I always tell couples who are considering us, to check up on us first! Seriously, I encourage it! Seeing that other couples have used us – and love us – actually helps win these couples over. Initially they might have been a bit skeptical, feeling like we might be too good to be true, or hiding something…  but after checking around, they’re excited and happy to have us at their wedding. Also, in a roundabout way, I can assume they were probably considering other photographers as well, and maybe – doing some checking up on them too – helped us even more? Either way, in the end, having a couple that is ‘excited’ to have us there – rather then being worried – sets a better atmosphere for a wedding anyway.

Reviews are probably the best wedding planning resource a couple can access to determine how to spend their money wisely. Previous clients are undoubtably the foremost authority and most knowledgeable reference you’ll ever get (because they’ve been where you are) and you can see how they feel (good or bad) without calling them or emailing them. It is also, the best indication – that we are, as advertised – without paying to find out.

In a world of spam in your email, solicitors (or their machines) calling you, and Google searches that give you a ba-zillion results, it’s nice to know that there is a pretty fool-proof and reliable tool you can turn to when you feel unsure or hesitant about making a big purchase. I have a hard time imagining how anyone – especially nowadays – could make a large purchase without this option. I use these reviews all the time, from eating out to buying a car! There’s no need to gamble anymore – unless you want to?

That being said, reviews aren’t perfect. There is a ‘bigger picture’ that each review is only a part of. Each single review is subject to some some degree of scrutiny because people – write many things – for many reasons… and one review alone doesn’t help much. Example :: Looking at 1 red dot (pixel) on your computer screen and assuming the entire screen must be red would be an incorrect assumption. If you step back and see the surrounding screen of dots (pixels), you realize it’s a photo of the beach! (Weird, huh?) This is where the truth becomes more evident; by evaluating as much as you can to find to determine the clearest, most accurate result.

  • Anonymous Reviews Are Worthless:

    The most important things to know about any review is whether or not these reviews are available to everyone without accountability, and if anyone has to take responsibility for writing them? If you can just click ‘1 out of 5’ stars without signing in, or stating who you are, the review looses a lot of credibility. If you can ‘keep’ clicking it over and over, it might as well be ignored completely… These aren’t reviews at all. (The business owner could be clicking ‘5 stars’ all afternoon, while his competitor could be clicking ‘1 star’ just as often. What good is that to anyone!?)

  • One-Way Reviews:

    So maybe you had to make an account or sign in with your Facebook or Google credentials. That makes these reviews more relevant and certainly helps weed out the anonymous abuse, but are you able to review in a positive and negative way? Reviews where you can ‘only’ say nice things, tend to favor big companies with thousands of reviewers, whereas small business with small numbers might actually have far less complaints – but you can’t see that with one-way reviews! Proof :: A national chain of photography studios has over a 1000 ‘likes’ on one of our advertising websites, whereas we’re near 100. (From that, it would seem they have more happy clients)… However, they recently pulled their ad from Yellowpages.com, because with the up’s and down’s being visible, their overall average was at ‘2 out of 5’, whereas we’ve remained 5 out of 5 for 7 years now. (Wonder why they left!?)

  • Credible Reviews Are Best:

    A review that requires someone to accept responsibility for what they say – with the ability to say what they want – has far more credibility and truth to it then any other review you’ll come across. Ebay got it right back in the early days of online reviews, because without those reviews, who was going to make a big purchase? There really isn’t a better way to know what you are getting then with reviews like these.

So, are you considering us for your wedding photography? Take my advice and check around. If anything, I believe we’ll both be happier because you did.  You’ll feel better because you will feel assured that we provide what we promise, and will be relaxed and comfortable with your decision… And we will feel better, because you feel better!

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