Bride and Groom kiss beneath long flowing veil
Bride and her twin sister are laughing
Bride laughs hysterically at the best man toast
Bride and groom kiss on the beach of Lake Tahoe
Bride and Bridesmaid snap a selfie
Bride and Groom look at the ocean in Dana Point
Bride and Groom sneak a kiss in the barrel room of JM Cellars
Bride cries while dancing with her father
A big thank you from the Bride and Groom
Bride and Groom in the golden rays of sunset
Bride sneaks a look before the ceremony
Groom gets ready to feed the Bride some wedding cake
Ruben and Zuri get out on the dance floor
All the Bridesmaids admire the Brides diamond ring
Bride and Groom dance in colored lights
Bride and Groom twirl in the sunset
Bride cries during Grooms vows
Asian Bride glows in sunset
Groom gets choked up when he see the Bride in the isle
Bride and Groom kiss on the black rocks of Princeville, Hawaii
Bride and Groom outstanding in their field
Bride and Groom kiss in the French Quarter
Bride and Groom wave from white limo leaving Immaculata Cathedral
Bearded Groom finishes tying his shoes
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