On average, about half the weddings we do every year are referrals from previous couples we’ve had the pleasure of working for. Their kind words about us have more power to promote us then anything we can say or do (or even show), and it certainly lends an extra level of credibility to our services as well.

Often couples have seen us working for their friends or relatives and have witnessed firsthand the easygoing atmosphere we provide and the professionalism we maintain and that was what impressed them enough to hire us. We always remain conscious of that when we are working because – if anything besides our photos would matter to a couple – it would be how we interact with them, make them comfortable with the photography, and add a little fun when it’s such a hectic and crazy day all around them.

Because advertising costs so much and is so overly saturated with scams and wild claims, it’s very hard for us to get noticed amongst all the forces out there clamoring for your attention, and that is why we rely heavily on word of mouth and gushing reviews to keep us in business. We are always telling people to do their homework and check up on us! (See: Feel The Love; our blog about reviews and how to know which ones actually matter!) Reading reviews and understanding what you should expect will only make you more comfortable and happy with your decision afterwards… and that makes us more comfortable and happy too!

In an effort to say Thank You to those who have referred new clients to us, we always give a little referral bonus the people who are responsible.

If you directly influenced a couple to use us, or can take credit for a wedding we have either done or have scheduled, let us know and we will happily reward your loyalty! Usually our referral bonus to whomever is responsible is a $100 gift card, although we are happy to give a donation in your name to one of our charities (or one of yours) if that would be preferable?

And, if you have used us but you don’t have anyone to refer to us, don’t feel bad about it… There are other ways to share your feelings and opinions about us! Don’t keep a good thing to yourself! Get out there and write a review about us where ever you like… We love those good reviews and always remind ourselves that – to a large extent – they are why we still are in business and doing what we feel we were born to do. Thank you!

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